Recapping The Global Education And Skills Forum

Education embodies our highest ideals. It’s a tool of transformation unlike anything else humans have created with their hands. When I think about the power of education, I am reminded of the commercial above, which comes from Thailand. There’s something poignant and universal about Thai life insurance commercials. They know how to dial up the [...]

How To Quickly Make Shareable Startup Memes, Even If You Don’t Have Photoshop

Startup memes are among the most powerful tools entrepreneurs use to share practical wisdom. Startup memes are sticky, go viral easily, and have the potential establish thought leadership for the creators. “Nine women can’t make a baby in a month,” is my favorite adage about the virtues of patience. Startup Vitamins, Addicted2Success and others have grown profitable businesses by [...]

Public Relations Tips Your Startup Can Learn From GoPro

Camera maker GoPro last  week announced its initial public offering, signaling a golden era for wearable technology, and the ascendant heights. GoPro, which makes small, rugged, high definition actions cameras has become synonymous with extreme sports, and a made-for-YouTube lifestyle. Why GoPro Wins GoPro is a technological wonder, but it’s true success is in telling [...]

Chipotle’s ‘Farmed And Dangerous’ Comedy Pushes The Boundaries of Content Marketing And Taste

Already a vocal critic of factory farming, Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle has just unleashed the unexpected with announcement of a new scripted comedy series, “Farmed And Dangerous,” premiering on Hulu. In Farmed And Dangerous, agribusiness giant Animoil encounters a public relations nightmare when their genetically-modified cows start exploding, and video footage goes viral. Animoil cows eat [...]

Why Tumblr Is Really An Academy For Thought Leaders

When Yahoo purchased Tumblr last year they bought more than a microblogging platform. Through it’s acquisition of Tumblr Yahoo now owns one of the world’s foremost networks of subject matter experts. Tumblrs (as contributors are called) are masters curators, with deep knowledge of their niche.For those unfamiliar with Tumblr, it’s a blogging platform, content management [...]

Email Cleanse

I just performed a long-overdue purge of 1,300* unread messages in my business email inbox. The oldest message was from Mar. 28, 2013–nine months ago! Our lives leave fewer and fewer meaningful artifacts in a digital era. We live extremely public–albeit staged–lives on social networks and blogs, but our email correspondence is where our real [...]

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